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Mid-Summer Metal Sale!

This sale runs from July 22nd through August 10th.

FireGate Limited Wooden Box Set Customer Comments:
We recently received this amazing peace of art from Metal Helm…. the new album “Woe, Woe, Woe” from FireGate. The handmade wooden box with all its little precious details contains a double cd, five picture cards (great to add to our collection), a poster, a tape (old fashion style) and a matching stand to present the box itself. It is worth every penny and we were blown away as we checked out every little handmade detail!!! The handcraft itself would be a good enough reason to have this terrific box in our collection. But the blessing that comes with the combination of art and music glorifying our God makes this purchase even more valuable! Don’t miss to purchase your own blessed wooden box! -Pjtsch & Becky (Switzerland)

Nokternal Hemizphear Records signs Armath Sargon’s next album “Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn – Winter” double album to be released in the future.

Now Available on Nokternal Hemizphear Records:
Northern Flame "Glimpse of Hope" limited CD and the 3-Disc 10th anniversary DVD case limited edition (comes with two different art covers) entitled "A Glimpse of Hope Under Twilight" now available. THE LIMITED 3-DISC VERSIONS ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT!
Katumus "At the Ruins of this World" CD

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Monthly Specials For August

Tourniquet - Stop The Bleeding [LP Red]
Tourniquet - Stop The Bleeding [LP Red]
$19.99  $16.99
Save: 15% off
Tsavo Inc. - When The Lions Are Hungry [CD]
Tsavo Inc. - When The Lions Are Hungry [CD]
$13.99  $11.99
Save: 14% off
Deus Invictus - Staged In Awaiting [CD]
Deus Invictus - Staged In Awaiting [CD]
$12.99  $4.99
Save: 62% off

War Of Ages - Eternal [CD]
War Of Ages - Eternal [CD]
$10.99  $5.99
Save: 45% off
Wintersoul - Frozen Storm Apocalypse [CD]
Wintersoul - Frozen Storm Apocalypse [CD]
$14.99  $11.99
Save: 20% off

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