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Vials Of Wrath - Days Without Names [CD] Jewel Case Version


Item Location: Wisconsin (USA)

2015 Independent

01. That Which I've Beheld
02. Journey Beyond The Flesh
03. Revival Of The Embers
04. Burning Autumn Leaves (Under A Harvest Moon)
05. The Path Less Oft Tread
06. Silhouettes Against The Sun
07. A Cleansing Prayer

Time: 45:00
Media: Jewel Case (4 panels insert and English lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in the original factory-sealed poly wrap
Origin: USA

Solace, understanding, progression, and communion—the essence of such terms musically grace your ears and palpitate your soul from experiencing Vials of Wrath’s newest creation, "Days Without Names”. Fully atmospheric and laden with pure black metal style fingerprints, Vials of Wrath’s mastermind, DC Mills, accompanied by Michael Cook (A Hill to Die upon), Derek Corzine (Whispers from Heaven/Blood Thirsty), and Aaron Macemore (Bloodline Severed) aid in elevating DC’s dynamic artistry. Embodying a sound that brings a more robust maturity and authenticity then his previous creations, “Days Without Names” somehow outdoes the iconic “Seeking Refuge” predecessor. “Days Without Names” takes off where “Seeking Refuge” ended, that is the path it pointed towards.

From the opening note of “That Which I Beheld” you realize that the world of Vials of Wrath’s soundscape is about to take you on another grand journey that will grasp your soul, usher in reflection, and frame the spiritual transformation that humans yearn after. Early on, experimental aspects jump out at you with a dash of shoegaze, a pinch of post-black metal. Interestingly enough, the semi-melancholic opening instrumental track is paired with the driving intensity of “Journey Beyond the Flesh”, bringing unsettling feelings as if to set you off-kilter. These two tracks much less set the mood than they do serve as a sort of “woodsy” open door that swiftly pulls you deeper into the forests of reality and eternal comprehension. As beautifully uncomfortable as it is, you partake in a restorative process as “Revival of the Embers” fully captivates your senses, drawing you yet again further into the journey. Now the soul is set ablaze as the truth of creation, a unity beseeched unfolds...

“As smoldering embers weaken, a faith not fanned doth wane. Dying amongst the ashes, I must revive the flame. This earthen vessel, a dwelling place for the Most High. Flawed and unworthy. Made pure by fiery trial. I offer myself once again – Yahweh M’Kaddesh, you are welcome here.”

Snow-capped mountains, sprawling exquisite valleys, and the changing of seasonal landscapes musically flow forth. Agalloch-infused passion leads you alongside streams of wonder and glory. Peace and serenity rush from note to note where the “Revival of the Embers” occurs now that the scent of “Burning Autumn Leaves (Under a Harvest Moon)” takes you deeper into the wilderness where your soul can unabatedly walk with the Creator, apart from the meaningless worldly distractions and melodramatic busyness of modern society. Doth says this brother of the eternal path, “as the earth grows cold and all its hues fade, memories of our future are revived once again. At the end of an age, harvesting wheat, burning the tares.” A delightfully grim black metal solo erupts with a guttural blending of fast licks encased within an anger-of-judgment feeling. Diehards for creative black metal flares to the likes of Drudkh, Taake, Thy Light, Grace Declaration, and power metal fans will claim this as their anthem!

Truly, this is “The Path Less Oft Tread”! The road to hell is broad; this path to paradise is narrow, indeed. “So in pressing onward, I envision Heaven’s open gate, with hell always at my heels. I pray the better of two fates”. Tranquil fiery moves over you as the journey continues, spiritually the sound transcends the emotions and constructs of the human mind leaving the Divine One to pick up where the feeble soul cannot, “grant me strength on this day, with each victory to remain humble and each failure boldly pray”...

“Silhouettes Against the Sun” is timeless with Oak Pantheon and Agalloch environmental solitudes—the perfect track for leading into the final and rather enthralling track “A Cleansing Prayer” that brings the final culmination to a journey, musically... but yet again, only serves to point to the greater skies beyond in utter resolve, reverence, and hope. “I long to be where no shadows dwell—all darkness is vanquished and my spirit is well... may all my glory be Thine!”

Indefinitely, for fans of Agalloch, Drudkh, Woods of Desolation, Thy Light, Blaze of Sorrow, Elderwind, Váli, and Antestor!

- Nokternal Hemizphear Records

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  • Artist: Vials Of Wrath
  • Music Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

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