Gothus Arcane - Portal [Book] Paperback Trilogy

2007 iUniverse Book Publishers

"For it was... hate unto birth... of darkness"

The metal underground will never be the same! If you are a metal fan, pay attention so you don't miss out! Gothus Arcane (Jason of Nokternal Hemizphear), has once again released his first epic fantasy novel (fiction) entitled "Portal". "Portal" is 3 books in one (a trilogy) and is 549 pages cover to cover. It is a fresh, new approach to epic, fantasy adventure. It is also very cold, very dark, and extremely intense with scenes full of war, brutality, deception, lust, and hope. Fans that love "Lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", "The Forgotten Realms" series, "Narnia", and "This Present Darkness" have found a new story that is a must read! Aptly referred to as the Metal Scribe, Gothus Arcane seeks to infuse his passion for dark, harsh metal into his writings. Aside from this, Gothus Arcane's novel "Portal" is sponsored by Bombworks Records. Additionally, The epilogue of "Portal" is provided by the legendary death metal band Sympathy as courtesy of the band, their logo and lyrics to the song "Adept Arcana" introduce the novel in a way of communicating who and what Gothus Arcane is all about! What better way to say it then with metal!!

"Portal" is available in Hardcover and Paperback at Metal Helm and worldwide. It is also available in ebook format at a multitude of online stores. Here's the catch though... Only at Metal Helm can you purchase "signed" copies of the novel that come with a free sticker of Sympathy's "Arcane Path" album cover! No where else in the world is this available! Cover art and internal graphics were created by Nokternal Hemizphear.

Portal description 1:

Bo Logan, a metal-head teenager who is longing to escape his hopeless life. Constantly under the hurtful eye of an oversized bully at school, he finds little refuge from the cancer that is eating away at his mother and the plight his father endures to offset the mounting medical bills. In a strange twist of events, Bo joins three unlikely teenagers of diverse cultural and social upbringing to face a fear none of them could have fathomed.

Having stumbled upon a portal to another world, the teens are thrust into the heart of the tribulation that is quickly overtaking Sarquillia. Plunged into darkness under the scathing wrath of the Black God, Barathrum, the once beautiful and peaceful world of Sarquillia churns as the birth of a 700-year-old hatred now reigns over the lands mercilessly.

In the search to find the book (Skultroth) that contains the power to wield the opening of the portal, the teens form with a makeshift band of creatures who come to understand that within the possession of Barathrum, the portal can be used to unleash not only the greatest of terrors upon Sarquillia but also on Earth.

Hordes of dark forces will be released upon the lands. Hope dwindles in the remaining time. Valor and the hearts of those bold enough to stand against Barathrum will waver on the tip of cold steel.

Overwhelmed with modern day peer pressures and senior high school issues, this group of teenagers will be forced to evolve internally as the battle for Sarquillia rages on around them.

An invitation to join in the great hope of this damned realm has been extended to you. Now draw your shaken blade and bring forth your deepest fears. The will of the Black God is upon us!

Portal description 2:

On Falkemar, Chelesme softly asked her old Vaalkdring confidant, "Are you with me, dear friend?"

"Always." Falkemar assuredly remarked, his tone calm and trustworthy in the face of the war, which beheld the fate of Sarquillia.

As Chelesme withdrew one of the three swords from her back, the sharp steel screeched. To her side she held it. Swallowing the choking fear in her throat, she pointed the sword's tip at the enemy, shouting, "Belligerency shall be our hearts! Bring all of your rage... leave all of your compassion for another day!" On the wings of the mighty Vaalkdring she sailed down the ridge and out over the jagged plains to meet the darkness... the hearts of the alliance beside her.

Like C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Portal" is a tale of four youths - two boys and two girls - who enter an imperiled parallel world via the door of a common household item - this time, a broken clothes dryer. Like Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", "Portal" pits the disparate races of that parallel world against a mysterious evil power... His imagination is rich and his fantasy world is populated with fascinating characters engaged in compelling struggles.
- Kirkus Discoveries

Pages: 549 (Plus Phonetic Glossary)
Genre: Fiction/Epic Fantasy/Dark Medieval/Books

  • Manufactured by: Nokternal Hemizphear

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