Mortification - Erasing The Goblin [CD] Re-Issue

2013 Rowe Productions

01. Razorback
02. Erasing The Goblin
03. The Dead Shall Be Judged
04. Escape The Blasphemous Tabernacle
05. Your Time
06. Forged In Stone
07. Way Truth Life
08. Humanitarian
09. Short Circuit
10. Dead Man Walking
11. Servants Of The Supreme Message

Bonus Tracks
01. Erasing The Goblin (Live 2007)
02. Brutal Warfare (Live 2007)
03. Hammer Of God (Live 2007)
04. Purest Intent (Live 2007)
05. Standing At The Door Of Death (Live 2007)
06. Spoken Word (Live 2007)
07. Chapel Of Hope (Live 2007)
08. 12 Men (Live 2007)
09. God Rulz (Live 2007)

Time: ?
Media: Jewel Case (12 panel insert and lyrics)
Genre: Death/Grind/Extreme Metal
Origin: Australia

"Shrapnel flying round our souls, back in the face of the evil, Satan plans to kill your mind, but Jesus gives eternal life!"

Re-issue of Mortification's 2006 album which includes both bonus tracks from the previous versions ("Servants of the Supreme Message" and "Dead Man Walking"), plus 9 live bonus tracks from their performance at Nordic Fest 2007. Also featuring a new cover and layout, including live photos from Nordic Fest.

Tapping directly into the metal veins of what made Mortification one of the top death, thrash, grindcore bands of all time back in the early 90's, Steve Rowe and the guys bring to us "Erasing the Goblin". Some of the thickest and most heavy material Mortification fans have seen in over a decade, this release is a beast of an album! Originally aimed to be titled, "Impaling the Goblin", Steve and the band altered the album title based on some feedback from fans. Regardless, Mortification's 13th studio release is comprised of Steve's reminiscent growls from early release and the guitars are punishing. Backed by Mick Jelinic on guitar and Damien Percy on drums, "Erasing the Goblin" is killer! Quite possibly one of the band's best songs ever recorded is "Razorback". Similar in nature and excellence to the songs on "Scrolls of the Megilloth", "Razorback" as it all! Other songs that are awesome slabs of thrashy death and grindcore mania are "The Dead Shall be Judged", "Escape the Blasphemeous Tabernacle", and "Way Truth Life". This album has several different genre elements mixed in with but not overwhelming as to alter Mortification’s well-known musical direction. Genre elements include thrash, death, doom, grindcore, and very small hints of new wave black metal. For those who don't know the track record of this great Australian band and their influence in the metal industry as we know it, check out their long list of metallum: (Break the Curse 90, Self-titled 91, Scrolls of the Megilloth 92, Post Momentary Affliction 93, Blood World 94, Primitive Rhythm Machine 95, Envision Evangelene 96, Triumph of Mercy 98, Hammer of God 99, Ten Years Live not Dead 00, The Silver Chord is Broken 01, Relentless 02, Brain Cleaner 04, Scrolls of the Megilloth re-release 05, Mortification re-release 07, many compilations, singles, concert videos). Messages of hope and truth in the face of diabolical temptations and spiritual warfare are exploited here. And as always, the mystery of life in Christ and the brutality of salvation are well vocalized in growl, hammer, and crunch! Be ready! Mortification once more stakes their sword in the hardened ground against the powers of evil... the boys from down under are not going under!

"The dead shall be judged. Are you on the narrow path? You must account for your days, before the Throne of Grace!"

Lyrics from "Servants of the Supreme Message" and "The Dead shall be Judged"

- Metal Helm/Soundmass

  • Artist: Mortification
  • Music Genre: Thrashing Death Metal

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