Mortification - Brain Cleaner [CD] Re-Issue

2013 Soundmass

01. Boaconstrictor
02. Too Much Pain
03. Purest Intent
04. Free As A Bird
05. Brain Cleaner
06. I'm Not Your Commodity
07. The Flu Virus
08. Livin' Like A Zombie
09. 12 Men
10. Louder Than The Devil
11. E.D.

Bonus Tracks - Revolution Metal Fest 2004 (Mexico)
01. Grind Planetarium (Live 2004)
02. Medley (Live 2004)
03. Too Much Pain (Live 2004)
04. Standing At The Door Of Death (Live 2004)
05. Spoken Word (Live 2004)
06. 12 Men (Live 2004)
07. Scrolls Of The Megilloth (Live 2004)

Time:? Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Australia

Re-issue of Mortification's 2004 album which includes 7 live bonus tracks from their performance at Revolution Metal Fest 2004 (Mexico). Also featuring an enhanced cover and new layout.

"Bring up the young in the way of the Lord. When they are old they will not depart from the word that cleans their brain… learning young to avoid the pain. When the devil comes knocking at your door, hold up the book that kills like a sword..."

Ahh! A taste of metal from the days past! Mortification unleashes their 12th studio release named "Brain Cleaner" on Rowe Productions in 2004. Once again splattered over by the awesome signature artwork of Troy Dunmire, Mortification brings to us a very evangelical album, this time more focused on preparing youth and believers for battle and as always proclaiming the crushing victory over the evil forces of Satan in the end of time as Steve Rowe intentionally makes apparent. "Brain Cleaner" is a thick mix of some ultra catchy rifts and death-touched solos by Mick Jelinic and Steve’s grind-thumping bass! The metalers from down under once more bring us a solid mouthful of material that sways on the edge of their albums in the years between "Post Momentary Affliction" and "Erasing the Goblin". Steve brings his bass and shallow growl vocals hard and swift as new comer Mike Forsberg (Cybergrind) drives the machine from the drums. Some of the best songs are "Boaconstrictor", "Purest Intent", the metal mind, grinding, thrash pit title track "Brain Cleaner", "Livin’ like a Zombie", and "Louder than the Devil". And for those who need to do their history on these Australian metal pioneers, check out their long list of releases aside from this one:(Break the Curse 90, Self-titled 91, Scrolls of the Megilloth 92, Post Momentary Affliction 93, Blood World 94, Primitive Rhythm Machine 95, Envision Evangelene 96, Triumph of Mercy 98, Hammer of God 99, Ten Years Live not Dead 00, The Silver Chord is Broken 01, Relentless 02, Scrolls of the Megilloth re-release 05, Mortification re-release 07, and many compilations, singles, concert videos). Another strong production adding to the metal, grindcore legacy of these Australian pioneers!

"The revolution against all hell will never stop! All Heaven breaks loose as we unload the guns! Satan's feeble lies will be forgotten as all knees shall bow and tongues confess that Christ is Lord. Live by the sword! Just kill all hate and in the end we rise in heaven’s gate!"

Lyrics from "Brain Cleaner" and "Louder than the Devil"

- Metal Helm/Soundmass

  • Artist: Mortification
  • Music Genre: Grindcore

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