Seventh Avenue - Southgate [CD] Re-Issue

2009 Ulterium Records

1. Introduce (Instrumental)
2. Southgate
3. Protection Of Fool
4. Carol
5. Father
6. May The Best One Win
7. Puppet Of The Mighty
8. Storm I (Instrumental)
9. Heart In Your Hand
10. Nameless Child
11. Big City Sharks
12. Goodbye

Time: 64:48
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in the original factory-sealed poly wrap
Origin: Germany
*Nokternal Hemizphear considers this one of the best albums in all of history!

"Many legends about the sense of life. Many questions about place and time. Wolves in sheep's clothing tell you lies. He tries to throw dust in your eyes. He's not the sandman but tries to be. Does everything that you can't see, so keep your wit in about be one. Don't do what a wizard could have done."

"Southgate" is the highly regarded follow up to the band's previous release "Tales of Tales". Once more, marked with Seventh Avenue's signature guitar work and metalizing vocal proclamation of Herbie Langhans, the third album by these Germany metalers has found its way into the hard - to - find rarities of metal's historical gallery, but alas! In early 2009, Ulterium Records (Sweden) revived this classic from its long - faded days since it had been released in 1998 on Treasure Hunt Records. It is by far one of the best power metal releases done yet to date... and with the songs "Southgate", "Protection of Fool", "Father", "Big City Sharks", and the grandeur of "Goodbye" every metalheart will know why! Now is your chance to get yourself a copy of it! Don't miss out this second time around! Fans of Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Narnia, Divinefire, Helloween, Iron Maiden, and Lightmare will be fully consumed by the greatness of power/classic metal known only as... Seventh Avenue!

And never forget to check out their albums "Rainbowland", "Tales of Tales", "Goodbye", "Between the Worlds", "Eternals", and the seventh magnificent release "Terium"!

"Big city sharks their shadows aren't just in the city. Big city sharks they'll find your weakness too. Big city sharks straight thinkers always right. Big city sharks they'll show you your facts too.

So strong everyone astounded. So stupid everyone's screaming. So smart and perfectly gifted. That they only cry when they're alone.

Hey shark who but you loves you? Hey shark there is one you don't love him. Hey shark you can't fool him. Hey shark don't forget that you are not God!

They drive better whatever that means. They love much better however that goes. Someday you'll see their weaknesses too. Cause one day they'll stand before God too!"

Lyrics from "Southgate" and "Big City Sharks"

- Metal Helm

  • Artist: Seventh Avenue
  • Music Genre: Power Metal

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