Black Leather - Bag Bundle [2CD/Merch]


2017 Nokternal Hemizphear Records

“The New Liberty” CD:

01. Ancient Butcher
02. Chained
03. The New Liberty
04. Start A Crusade
05. Goat Seduction
06. Fight The Enemy
07. Revolution I (Instrumental)
08. Celestial Shelter
09. Bitter Faces
10. Abomination In Chaos
11. Incorruptible
12. Empty Corpus

Time: 56:00
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and English lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Chile

“The Last Sign” EP:

01. Reason’s Death
02. Scars Of Mercy
03. Deconstruction
04. Children Of Rage (Part II)
05. The Change Process
06. The Last Sign

Time: 30:00

Bag Bundle Includes:
1. Standard CD Jewel Case “The New Liberty” (limited to 300 hand-numbered copies!)
2. “The Last Sign” Bonus CD – a far more emotive and thought-out, progressive side of Black Leather (limited to 30 copies!)
3. 8x11 Imitation Black Leather handcrafted bag with gray inner lining. Bag has a gray para chord and black grenade chord lock. Draw-string bag is designed to hold both the GRAY and the RED skull punks (wooden disc holders).
4. GRAY skull punk - wooden hand-cut disc holder – gray on front, black on back (hand-numbered)
5. RED skull punk - wooden hand-cut disc holder – red on front, black on back (hand-numbered)
6. Black Silicone wristband with red text “RISE AGAINST THE ORDER” plus skull punk images (one size fits most)
7. Black Silicone wristband with gray text “RISE AGAINST THE ORDER” and “FIGHT THE ENEMY” plus skull punk images (one size fits most)
8. 5.5x8.5 (12 page) Comic Book – “Demonkiller: Paradoxical Dimension Vol. I”
9. 5x3.75 Black Leather Logo Printed Patch (Logo with text “True Undersound Anthem”)
10. 8.75x3.25 Large Black Leather Bookmark (bookmark has one image with the text “at the end of times, the sky turns black… we deny a doctrine of godlessness… …our path is long and rough with glory at the end” and is hand-numbered)
11. 5.25x2 Red Bookmark (bookmark has images on both sides and is hand-numbered)
Side A: “Rise Against the Order – Stay Strong in Christ”
Side B: “Underground Resistance – Resist the Shadows of the Horns”

Bag Bundle Details:
This extremely limited edition (30 copies) with 6 bonus tracks comes in a uniquely handcrafted imitation black leather draw-strong bag that contains two wooden skull punk disc holders for the albums “The New Liberty” and “The Last Sign”, created by and exclusively available from Nokternal Hemizphear, only at Metal Helm. Each wooden skull punk is individually hand-cut and wood-burned in design including hand-numbering for all underground enthusiasts! Minor deviations from the pictures and the specs for each wooden skull punk are possible and inevitable due to the nature of such handcrafted items. This edition is strictly limited to 30 copies worldwide and will NEVER be made again!

The Bag Bundle is securely packaged and shipped at a higher weight/cost to ensure safe delivery of each limited bag bundle. Please do not ask for less-expensive ways of shipping. We want to take every measure possible to see your satisfaction complete with the safe delivery of your order. Damaged items cannot be replaced.

“The New Liberty" Album Description:
The world is going to hell! Societal breakdown, governmental socialism, sell-your-soul propagandas, cultic spin-offs of true Christianity…. you name it. On the cusp of eschatological biblical prophecy aligning more and more each day as nations blindly head towards a one-world governing body, the time is ripe to unveil Black Leather’s latest monstrosity of a creation in “The New Liberty”.

“A constellation is rising up - a bunch of idiots trying to manage all the stuff. They sell false salvation for all. Your life doesn't matter while you live for them.”

With a fuller, more dynamic sound than Black Leather’s debut “State of Freedom”, the Doctor of Psych (Zvi Tacussis) returns with the heart cry of all who loathe to be enslaved by sin and all of its temporal trappings. The audial texture of the tracks range from gritty, to groove-laden, and bold while still being very true to the underground feelings of raw, organic, and tenacious. TNL is the sound of pouring gasoline on fire. Revved up, rumbling, and smoking hot. Sick and twisted solos add to the fevered pitch of hard driving tunes.

So much groove your head will roll – this is the anthem of rebellion against evil and its new world order. Rise against the order! Straight-up, never say die tunes for a Spirit-filled lifestyle that screams – WARRIOR! Tougher then nails. Dirty sounding as all get out with an ultra-crunchy message of biblical truth! Can you chew on it? Crust for Christ!

“All the promises fall down, a bunch of putrid lies. Is not like they tell us cuz' freedom belongs to God. They offer the “new liberty” but it’s an endless torture.”

Moments of disturbed, chaotic flare-ups of slipknot – bombastic, rumpus outcries are interwoven with a righteous rebellion, unapologetic, staunch, in-the-face, punch-to-the-gut kind of faith. In defiance of wicked powers! The Doctor of Psych moves with a heart for the lowly, the passion of a street minister, and a soldier that just won’t quit.

“Rise against the order” is the underlying theme of the album. The satanic agenda promises people freedom in their own ways of thinking. “Do what thou wilt” for what is best for you. Self-idolatry and man-made philosophies are on the rise, all pointing to the end times, where “brother will kill brother, sons will betray fathers” (Matt 10:21, Mark 13:12) and the slaughter will commence. “The New Liberty” speaks to the spiritual smoke screen that evil uses to blind the masses, all of it leading to destruction and death. The Doctor of Psych unleashes a barrage of bullets molded in eternal truth to forewarn mankind… and to prepare for the inevitable.

Drop your satanic crap, dumb your religious junk – be a crusader for Christ!

“Load up! Pick up the armor of God. Night's falling, beasts move in the shadows. Everything points to your soul.”

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide (Pro-CD). The first available sequence number for the standard Jewel Case package starts at #41. The lower sequence numbers are ONLY available in the limited bag bundle (only 30 copies produced!) and the limited grenade bookmark bundle (only 10 copies produced!).

WARNING: Anthems contained within will increase excessive fist-pumping. Tendencies will give rise to bringing the smack down upon all things evil. An aversion to the underlying satanic agenda will permanently impact vision and mentality. Talking tough and boldly opposing the proud can unceasingly palpitate one’s heart to the beat of war. A deep and unquenchable desire to be thrown down on to a chopping block over ever bowing one’s knee to ungodliness has been known to occur in those who rebel against the order of lies.

Lyrics from “The New Liberty” and “Fight the Enemy”.

- Nokternal Hemizphear Records

  • Artist: Black Leather
  • Music Genre: Black Punk Crust Metal

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