Deuteronomium - Street Corner Queen/Here To Stay [2CD]

2009 Bullroser Records

Street Corner Queen (1998):
01. Street Corner Queen
02. Drug Lord
03. Spell Of Hell
04. The Fall
05. Empty Shell
06. Human Nature
07. Bonsai People
08. Black Raven
09. C.C.R.
10. III
11. Northern Praise
12. Blue Moment

Time: 54:58

Here To Stay (1999):
01. Whirlwind
02. …To Die And Gain
03. S/S
04. My God
05. Terminator
06. Statue Of Liberty
07. Comeback
08. Fool
09. Here To Stay
10. Christ Addict
11. DDD
12. Millstone
13. Dead End

Time: 37:05
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and English lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Finland

"We do not fight against you. You are not our enemies. We're asking you to break through… deceiving darkness disease!"

Here it is! And here it is to stay! This is the ultimate collector package for all things Deuteronomium from their smashling good beginnings! It just does not get better than this, both killer death ‘n roll albums "Street Corner Queen" and "Here to Stay" in one release. This is is as 2-disc album that will not only win your heart as a fan but sweep, or should we say, bump and tumble you away in a heap of glorious mess and adulation for these brothers that are true heroes of the Christian music scene! This is nothing shy of ripping, thrashing, tractor-tire-squealing death n’ roll metal! From the very first time that I picked up a copy of the album "Here to Stay", back in the day, I have been hooked! Deuteronomium is classic and stronger then hell! If you don't feel the force and righteous spirit that these boys pound out on these two albums, then you may already be far too dead.

“People come and people go, for people's sake I won't bow. Only thing that matters to me by Jesus Christ I've been set free. Break the chains and listen to me. True belief will set you free.”

Lyrics from "DDD" and "My God"

- Nokternal Hemizphear

  • Artist: Deuteronomium
  • Music Genre: Death Metal

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