Grave Declaration - The Nightshift Worshiper [EP]

2008 Momentum Scandinavia

01. Your Beauty Embraced
02. To My Redeemer
03. Lamentation
04. The Great Exaltation Of The Most Sovereign God

Time: 25 Minutes
Media: Jewel Case (6 panel insert with lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Norway

METAL HELM considers this to be one of the best albums of all time!

"Far, so far, in the distance... I see your throne, encircled by thrones... bringing the lightening out, and the thunder behind. Speak of how you are worthy of this seat... I can here Him whisper to me... His voice is soft like the seas and He brings me peace and rest..."

Straight from the Scandinavian northlands and not lacking any heart or the passion thereof the most legendary of metal predecessors before it, the debut presentation of Grave Declaration is here! Loved Vardoger, Vaakevandring when they were first ushered in? Truly devoted until your coming death to Antestor, Crimson Moonlight and crave the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Keep of Kalessin, Emperor, Children of Bodom? For the love of your mother! 2008 could just as well end right now coz most likely the best release of the year is upon us! In fact, if you are too slow to react to this HUGELY amazing material and production, fresh from Momentum Scandinavia, like most of us were with the original releases of Vardoger and Vaakevandring, then you will be way too late and way so sorry to miss this one! Born from the passionate heart and yearning mind of Thor Georg Buer, a multi-talented Norwegian musician and songwriter (Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming) Grave Declaration is an utter proclamation of Christ's power, glory, and truth in all of creation and eternity long. This is praise metal brought to another level! Deep, guttural lyrics overlay wondrous black metal atmospheres interlaced within heavenly epic keys. The perfect blending of transitions, mixes, melodies, and utter exaltations are here... look no further! With touches of death metal elements, this is the supremacy of heavy symphonic black metal! Basically, if I wanted to face my death and all of the heresy within this darkened world with a metal encouragement to set my face like flint... "The Nightshift Worshiper" is what I would have written upon my heart... Not to mention the artwork is some of best I have seen in years!

"Flames rise next to my soul. And burn, they scar me with passion. Fly, I escape from this hell... from the sweet drowning, in the hot sea deep."

"Worthy are you who was nailed to a tree with the understanding of who owns revenge. As you left behind all fury and hate to become the atonement for all of our sins..."

Lyrics from "Lamentation" and "To My Redeemer"

- Metal Helm


  • Artist: Grave Declaration
  • Music Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

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