Crimson Moonlight - In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious [EP]

2007 Endtime Productions

1. In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious
2. The Advent Of The Grim Hour
3. Shiver Of Fear
4. Alone In Silence

Time: 14:00
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Sweden

Just to quench the thirst of all Crimson Moonlight fans, this EP achieved its goal. "In Depths of Dreams Unconscious" is a mighty 4 song release that includes an awesome atmospheric and melodically beautiful synth introduction by Arcana. The remaining 3 songs are all brand new and do not fail to please the aching ears of those of us who have waited for what seems like forever to hear more from Crimson Moonlight.

Forged in the spirits of Scandinavia and unleashed like an atomic bomb in only the way that these Swedish metalers have come to be known, this EP is yet another outstanding testimony to their greatness. Their previous work "Songs from the Archives", "The Covenant Progress", and "Veil of Remembrance" were and are all crucial prerequisites to fully understanding and appreciating this EP. Hard to believe, but the band has risen to new heights once more beyond their legendary precursor "Veil of Remembrance".

Grim, yet enchanting artwork and tastefully done raven depictions by Samuel Durling shape the constructs of this album into one that gives the illusion to be far more than merely a 4 song EP. Amongst other infamous leading acts of the industry like Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Emperor, Slechtvalk, Immortal, Frost Like Ashes, Borgazur, and Antestor, these Swedes pack a mouthful of metal that will knock you out and leave you winded for days on end. Guaranteed that listeners will play it over and over again with each spin adding a new, undiscovered surprise for those who seek it!

"Scorned, whipped, left, killed. In truth I see the Master of the Domination... for me sacrificed, for you sacrificed. In Memory of time... in memory of eternity.

The bitter curse of grief goes to its final rest.

The black mantle of death has fallen away and dissolved.

Time has come to cover one's sword in blood!

Time has come to sound the battle cry!"

Lyrics from "The Advent of the Grim Hour"

- Nokternal Hemizphear

  • Artist: Crimson Moonlight
  • Music Genre: Black Metal

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