Bloodwork - World Without End [CD]

2014 Endtime Productions

01. Deny The Fallen
02. World Without End
03. Hypocrisy Of Hate
04. Escapinig The Abyss
05. Shadow Aspect
06. King Of Chaos
07. Chasm
08. Dreaming Future Memories

Time: 41:00
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: UK

This bad boy is finally here! The wait is over! For fans of classic and wrathful death metal style bands to the likes of Death, Kreator, Carcass, Destruction, Obituary, Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Slayer, there is finally a righteous counterpart! Hail Bloodwork as they arrive with their final piece of production. Pre-cursed with the 2-track limited digipak "Deny the Fallen" prior to this grandiose forthcoming of this full length "World Without End", prepare for your head to twist straight off your neck, while the holy message of hope, truth, and reality sink deeply into your soul.

Bloodwork is a raw, unpolished and extreme old school metal untainted by fashion and fueled by a hunger for aural violence! Sharing the ethos of the early 90's masters, this album brutally blends crushing guitars, insane death, and old school madness to form a sound that has been carefully crafted from years of rehearsal amongst the dead in tombs of urban decay.

Unapologetic, unpalatable, ugly and necro, "World without End" unashamedly bows at the altar of all that makes metal extreme! Graced with the classic metal art of Necrolord, this album is another top-notch release from Endtime Productions!

- Endtime Productions/Nokternal Hemizphear

  • Artist: Bloodwork
  • Music Genre: Death Metal

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