Cryptic Rising - Cryptic Rising [CD]

Item Location: Wisconsin

2014 SkyBurnsBlack Records

01. Lone (Instrumental)
02. Wither
03. Canvas
04. Weep (Instrumental)
05. The Fear Unknown
06. Grief (Instrumental)
07. Fragile
08. A Part Of Something Bigger (Instrumental)

Time: 31:51
Media: Jewel Case (2 panel insert and English lyrics)
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Origin: USA

“Where have I gone? This is not the man I claim to be. Into the fire is where I should be. Throw me into - into this world of pain. Watch it tear me apart. I live this life in hope of… what You will make of me.”

From the great underground, where a treasure chest of endless musical artists dwell, you can find a gem here and there every once in a while. Cryptic Rising is one of those rubies amidst the sea of albums to check out. Carefully crafted with a wonderful blend of atmospheric black metal, black ambient interludes, emotive elements of sorrow metal, and post black metal influences, Cryptic Rising captivates the listener. Drawing a similar sound to the likes of old Woods of Desolation, Austere, Hermodr, and a plethora of depressive, and unfortunately hopeless, black metal bands, Cryptic Rising offers the light of day, lit by the Word of God, leading to life, not suicide.

“I want to show you love. I want to give you peace. Don’t be so broken inside, because what is beyond will set you free. I’ll show you a reason to live!”

Aside from the more ambient and instrumental tracks that serve as the infrastructure of this great album, this powerful underground, and sometimes lo-fi production, is also infused with the more raw, old school black metal tendencies of Fire Throne, Horde, old Crimson Moonlight, Burzum, Katumus, and Elgibbor! Beautiful, haunting, somber, introspective, raw, old school black metal that is for those who live with passion and introspection! Truly, one of the best albums of 2014 and a timeless sound that is worth listening to on dreary days and dark nights.

“There is a reason to live in fear, when you are within us. Fear will enslave us, but Christ has come to set us free.”

Lyrics from “Canvas”, “Fragile”, and “The Fear Unknown”

- Nokternal Hemizphear

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  • Artist: Cryptic Rising
  • Music Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

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