Dalit - Dalit [CD]

2009 Endtime Productions

01. Noir
02. Nomad
03. Silent Genocide
04. Impression
05. Tears Of Uriah
06. The Upper Hand
07. Dem

Time: 39:26
Media: Jewel Case (12 panel insert and lyrics - Matte Finish Booklet!)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Norway

"Indoctrinate our children in your ways, where truth are lies. Helplessly lost without the Written Word, you will make them forget."

In the western part of Norway winter 2006, Dalit was formed with one sole purpose - Striking the raw nerves of the listener with a portrait of the abused, oppressed and derelict souls. The name Dalit comes from the Hindu word for the "untouchables" of the Indian caste system.

Dalit is fresh new band emerging from the Norwegian metal scene, with their debut album being picked up by none other than Endtime Productions! (Antestor, Extol, Drottnar etc). Unlike most other Nordic bands, this is a pure doom metal experience in the veins of My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, Opeth or old Anathema.

This gives Dalit supreme originality and will appeal to fans of extreme metal as well as more atmospheric and beautiful calm music. Originally printed in a limited edition digipak, this album has been repressed in a beautiful jewel case version with the booklet and inlay printed on heavy weight matte finish full of subtle and excellent photography and layout. A real collector!

"I mourn the ashes of my temple. Defiled by many and scorned by many more. The hymns we sang, now forgotten. The congregations spread to the winds."

- Nordic Mission Lyrics from "Silent Genocide" and "Dem"

  • Artist: Dalit
  • Music Genre: Doom Death Metal

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