Day of Atonement - Cremation Of The Guilty [CD] Re-issue

2021 Soundmass

01. Cremation Of The Guilty
02. Justifiable Homicide
03. Sinful Blindness
04. Seed Of Death
05. Human
06. Torn From Innocence
07. Answer To Life
08. New Revelation
09. Blood World

Time: 31:00
Media: CD (8 panel insert with English lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable sealed poly wrap
Origin: Australia

Day Of Atonement was the creation of drummer Phil Gibson (ex-Mortification), guitarist Lincoln Bowen (still in Mortification at the time) and bassist/vocalist Dave. Their objective was to bring together death/grind metal and hardcore in as brutal manner as possible. This mission was successful – their one-and-only album “Cremation Of The Guilty” was delivered up in 1998. Originally released on an obscure British label, this album is so brutal that it could be the soundtrack to the apocalypse!

The sound of this Aussie band is intense, blasting out super heavy, fast, tight, aggressive death metal in the vein of Six Feet Under and Crimson Thorn, with a hint of early Mortification (or more than a hint in the case of the closing track – a cover of Mortification’s “Blood World”). And despite the fierceness of the music, Lincoln is still able to meld in some of his trademark guitar groove. In fact, Day Of Atonement have infused so much musical contrast and variation that “Cremation Of The Guilty” never gets dull. Add to this Dave’s contrasting extreme vocal styles and you end up with some really exciting extreme metal. If this album had been released in the heyday of death metal, it might have been huge!

Soundmass is happy to be re-issuing “Cremation Of The Guilty” in 2021 and if you’re still missing the blastbeats era of Mortification, then Day Of Atonement might just be what you’re looking for. The audio has been remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) to enhance the sound. And with a write-up by bassist/vocalist Dave and reimagined cover art and layout by drummer Phil (complete with photos and lyrics missing from the original), the experience is complete.

- Soundmass

  • Artist: Day of Atonement
  • Music Genre: Death Metal

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