Dying Blaze - Attera Obscurum [CD] Limited DVD Case Bundle


Item Location: Wisconsin (USA)

2011 Nokternal Hemizphear

01. Caducus (Introduction)
02. Dream
03. Darkness Is Coming
04. Attera Obscurum
05. Remember, Love, Grieve
06. Warrior Spirit Of The True Freedom
07. Dennitsa, the Son of Sunset (Remastered Bonus Track)
08. Garden of Gephsemania (Remastered Bonus Track)

Time: 39:00
Media: DVD Case (4 panel insert and English lyrics for Russian tongues)
Origin: Ukraine

Dying Blaze "Attera Obscurum" Limited DVD Case Bundle is exclusively available at Metal Helm and includes:

1. Dying Blaze DVD Package Version: The finite DVD packaged version of Dying Blaze's debut "Attera Obscurum" is strictly limited to 50 copies worldwide. Hand-numbered and autographed by Lord Castus, this version includes the full length debut "Attera Obscurum" with 2 remastered bonus tracks and all NEW artwork.

2. Poster: The limited 11x17 inch poster of Lord Castus (Dying Blaze). Poster comes folded

3. Dying Blaze Logo Patch: 5x3 inch 100% Embroidered Die Cut Patch

"Your enemies turned your faith upside down. Their souls are possessed by anguished darkness. But you are stronger and can overcome everything. Breaking the darkness, insane for Christ!"

Churning in the epicenter of the cold-world lands of black metal's unofficial third wave of perpetual development, Ukraine brings forth another prodigy of dark metal - Dying Blaze. The sole member, Lord Castus, offers to all metal-hearts a fast, eruptive black metal style vengeance precisely interwoven with melodic elements that create impactful atmospheres amidst each track. Under the guidance and production efforts of Fedor Buzilevich (Holy Blood/Requital), Lord Castus steps forth with his debut album "Attera Obscurum". Latin for "To Destroy Darkness", the album title is a full-out, disclosed pronouncement of spiritual warfare against the forces of hell while ushering in the arcane truth and glorious mystery of salvation that only can be found in the bloody power of Jesus Christ. This is unrelenting true black metal from the heart of Ukraine. For fans of Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Watain, Limbonic Art, Taake, Crimson Moonlight, Evroklidon, and Antestor. Even fans of the older forms of Emperor, Satyricon, and Dark Funeral will thoroughly be captivated by the fury and blackened harmony of Dying Blaze. All logos, design, layout, and conceptual development created by Nokternal Hemizphear.

Truly, the church as we know it is dead. Dead spiritually! Dying Blaze comes to us in a time of most utter need presenting biblical truths and eternal power to those who have an ear to hear. A new might is rising! Lord Castus and those who walk the eternal paths of glory in the brilliance of the Son shall set ablaze the church of the undead. Revived, rekindled, regenerated - torches were lit on a bleak night, the Spring of 2011!!!!!

"Not all desires are useful and not all of them are important! But many of them lead straight to hell! Only one crooked way leads to the Father. Who will give warrior spirit of the true freedom!"

Lyrics from "Attera Obscurum" and "Warrior Spirit of the True Freedom"

- Nokternal Hemizphear

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  • Artist: Dying Blaze
  • Music Genre: Black Metal

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