Sacrament - Haunts Of Violence [Digipak] Re-Issue

2014 Retroactive Records

01. Haunts Of Violence
02. Carry The Corpse
03. Destructive Heresies
04. The Wicked Will Rot
05. Supplication Of The Destitute
06. Souls In Torment
07. Separate From Iniquity
08. Seared Consciences
09. Under Threat Of Death
10. Portraits Of Decay

Running Time: 49:00
Media: Digipak (4 panel with band history)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in the original factory-sealed poly wrap
Origin: USA

“Without acceptance of Christ, no presence of the Spirit, you are presumed dead. The choice is yours, you see…”
“Because they have sinned against the Lord their blood will be poured out like dust and their entrails like filth, neither their silver or gold will be able to save them on the day of the Lord’s wrath. In the fire of His jealousy the whole world will be consumed!”

Back in the day, I bought this album on cassette tape. It literally petrified me! The intensity of the thrashing music, the volatility of the vocals, and the crisp moodiness was too much for me to handle. The lyrics were Biblically right-on, being the only thing that helped elevate my ears from the torrential onslaught of music blaring from my stereo speakers. The songs “Haunts of Violence”, “Carry the Corpse”, “The Wicked will Rot”, and “Souls in Torment” blasted my soul! As it stands, this album is one of the keepsakes in my private metal collection. A classic for all time sake that evil can never outdo or overcome! I am thrilled that Retroactive Records has re-issued this masterpiece on CD in a tight, slick digipak along with a dream come true of getting my hands on the band’s debut “Testimony of Apocalypse” now finally re-issued by Retroactive Records as well! Hails to Jesus!

- Metal Helm

Originally released in 1992 on the legendary R.E.X. label and was being hyped as THE HEAVIEST DISC THEY HAD EVER RELEASED! And, while Death Metal was starting to dominate the scene, new vocalist Robert Wolfe showed he had the perfect voice for these thrash-titans - cool high pitched shrieky vocals that work so well with classic thrash. HAUNTS... is stinkin' heavy and at times reminiscent of Slayer and Death. Expect loads of gang vocals and some furious guitar playing. In the words of Metal Historian (and the voice of Christian thrashers, Ultimatum) Scott Waters, "This disc is EXCELLENT!" Kevin Ayers of Haven produced the disc. After the band broke up, bassist Eric Ney went onto play with Sardonyx for a short time. In 1999 he reappeared with Joey Daub (ex-Believer) in a new project called Fountain of Tears. This 2014 Retroactive reissue ensures this mega-classic thrash album is finally properly reissued with a stunning full color 4-panel digipack, and a deluxe audio improvement when remastered by J Powell of Steinhaus.

“Suffer inside, lamenting the life you have to live. Writhe psychologically; rotted, decaying sense of will. Stagnant perceptions; life pregnant with the problems you can't solve. Depression has set in; colors bleak the life you have to live.

Shadows fall across your life, times of brooding insecurity. Darkness lurks in this place; once you fall into a pit of despair. Inaction and depression will lead you to a dismal state You must know you cannot abandon yourself to that miserable fate.

A soul in torment - not relegated to that place. A soul in torment - can rise above by the Father's grace.

The answer to your condition lies in your relationship with God. He is your maker, Creator of the place in which you live. A fear of the Lord is a fountain of eternal joyous life: Turning any man from the snares of death that reach for him. (Proverbs 14:27)”

Lyrics from “Carry the Corpse”, “The Wicked will Rot”, and “Souls in Torment”

- Retroactive Records

  • Artist: Sacrament
  • Music Genre: Thrash Metal

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