Mercy - The Seven Signs [CD] New Version

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2013 Good Fight Records

01. The Seven Signs (Instrumental)
02. The Woman
03. The Dragon
04. The Child
05. The Beast With Seven Heads
06. Beast Of The Sea
07. The Lamb And The 144,000
08. Lord God Almighty
09. Kingdom Of Holiness
10. Path Of Light (Instrumental)
11. Beast From The Earth

Time: 37:00
Media: Jewel Case (6 panel insert with English lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable sealed poly wrap
Origin: Brazil/Canada

At a point in time during Krig’s onslaught of brutal death metal creations, a few of the current and past members of the band deviated to make this atmospheric-laden, blackened death metal infused album known as Mercy. Lord have mercy as the listener experiences a journey of metal proportions through the end of times. Mercy is influenced by bands such as Vaakevandring, Antestor, Dimmu Borgir, Lengsel, Sanctifica, Old Mans Child, Emperor and Extol.

The band consist of Phillippe Levidad [ex Sabbatariam, ex Krig, Unnamed], Isaque Soares [ex Apeiron, ex Sabbatariam, Krig] and Daniel Corpse [ex Sabbatariam, ex Unnamed, ex Smash The System, Krig]. Mercy was formed in 2003 or something. We dunno for sure when it has really been born. Phillippe started composing some black metal music [understand this term only as the instrumental part], and then invited some Sabbatariam members to join the idea.

- Metal Helm

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  • Artist: Mercy
  • Music Genre: Black Metal

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