Mortification - Scrolls/Post [CD] Bundle

Mr. Metal Helm's Classic Choice!

2 CD Bundle Includes:

“Scrolls Of The Megilloth” – 2020 CD Re-issue
“Post Momentary Affliction” – 2020 CD Re-issue

Ah, the memories from listening to these two albums during my college years. Without a doubt, these two albums were highly impactful in my relationship with Jesus. I relentlessly listened to these two albums! The lyrics, sound, creativity and passion embodied in them catch my attention and held it for many years. Driving down the freeway, exercising, heading to work and studying for my college course would regularly be accompanied with one of these two albums. Don’t get me wrong, all of Mortification’s albums, especially in the yearly years, are intensely awesome and are worthy of recognition, yet it was these two albums that I keep going back to in order to absorb their message and greatness in musicianship. “Scrolls Of The Megilloth” is quite legendary and the perfectly crafted album. “Post Momentary Affliction” builds upon the foundation of “Scrolls Of The Megilloth” while infused with more thrash elements that make the album a real kick in the face and super uplifting in the truth of God’s Word – a tremendous output that is still near to my heart. Are you brutal enough to handle these albums and live out the bold faith that they admonish you to flesh out?

- Metal Helm


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  • Artist: Mortification
  • Music Genre: Death Metal

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