Kohllapse - Distant Mind Alternative [CD]

2005 Soundmass

01. Thorn
02. Real Man In Quicksand
03. Seven
04. Gravitation
05. Ghost Storm
06. Eclipse
07. Contort
08. Deep Blue
09. Insight

Time: 56:54
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Origin: Australia

How could you ask for anything more!? Once thought to be out of print to the woe and sorrow of those who missed it, Soundmass re-released in 2005, Kohllapse's 1999 independent masterpiece of heavy atmospheric metal entitled "Distant Mind Alternative". Perhaps this album was a head of its time, thus quickly disappearing from the market? But those who got their hands on the original release were fully aware of the great secret they were in on. "Distant Mind Alternative" is unreal! A flawless combination of death, gloomy doom, gothic aura, gritty industrial steel, and intense progressive aspects of metal launch this innovative release directly into the "must have... can't live without" mentality of all metal heads across the globe. At the turn of the Millennium, Kohllapse's hit song "Thorn" was featured on the Cross Rhythms Music (now Blastbeats RIP) compilation "Extreme Music Sampler Vol. 1" and received rave reviews for the power and emotion that the composition permeated! Other awesome songs on the album include "Contort", "Seven", "Ghost Storm", "Insight", and the hidden track that is an absolutely hilarious recording episode full of grunts, growls, screams, and belches! Ironically, this is a wonderfully delightful top-off to a highly emotive and mind-blowing rocket-ride of an album! Those who are utterly captivated by Saviour Machine, Visionaire, Virgin Black, and Type O Negative will love this!

"The thing that you missed was the thorn in your eye... your lies burn my eyes... your hate lights the fire..."

Lyrics from "Thorn"

- Metal Helm

  • Artist: Kohllapse
  • Music Genre: Industrial

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