Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls [CD]

2008 Ulterium Records

01. A Tower Of Ashes
02. On Eagles' Wings
03. Laying The Demon To Rest
04. Bethlehem
05. Absolution Day
06. The Writing In The Sand
07. Martyr
08. Mirror Of Souls (In 3 Parts)

I. The House Of Mirrors
II. The Stranger In The Storm
III. The Truth Revealed

Time: 68:00
Media: Jewel Case (16 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in the original factory-sealed poly wrap
Origin: USA

Potentially THEE best release of 2008! In a year with multitudes of awesome new material being unleashed in the Christian metal realm, Theocracy's "Mirror of Souls" comes in the with the knock-out punch! In late 2008, Ulterium records unveiled this sophomore release by the astonishing progressive power metalers from the USA. Having one been a one-man gig with Matt Smith at the helm on the debut Theocracy release, Matt has since brought guitarist Jonathan Hinds and drummer Shawn Benson into the fold to complete this unbeatable trio of metal warriors that have the talent to present the world with an unbelievable message of Jesus Christ! Encompassed with magnificent artwork and overall packaging that will have any metalheart drooling, the production and compositions are outstanding! Each and every song on this album will snatch your heart away. The album kicks off with the awesome song "Tower of Ashes" pointing to the fact that all of the ideals and self-ideology we raise and admonish in our lives , if outside of Christ, is nothing but an illusion and is really a tower of ashes that we have strived to build in vain. The second track "On Eagles' Wings" is an amazing story or praise that is simply wondrous adoration to the King for all of His love and provisions. Simply amazing! Then comes the guitar-crunching slam fest of the song "Lay the Demon to Rest" which is one of the most inspiring and thrilling songs of the year! It has it all as far as elements of metal and change up progressions, but it also gives us a scary glimpse of the spiritual war encircling us at all moments of all days. It is a battle against temptation and the dark futility of the flesh. Next we jump into what seems like the newest Christmas-style metal song that should be listed as one of the famous hymns of old that we are so accustom to singing around Christmas time in "Bethelem". It is fantastic and pieced together so well, it will bring a tear to your eye! "Absolution Day" is an up-tempo track as well that emotionally floods your mind and heart as you give thanks to the Lord for the reckoning day in which your soul became awake to all of the truths of reality and thus salvation was found! "The Writing in the Sand" and "Martyr" are unbelievable songs as well! And for the grand finale, Theocracy pulls of a song that will etch itself into the corners of your mind and soul that you will not be able to get the words or the imagery of the story out of your head. "Mirror of Souls" is a 22 minute song that must be heard! Along with the song "Laying the Demon to Rest", "Mirror of Souls" is one of the best songs of year, arguably one of the best to be penned and placed into musical structures.

- Metal Helm

  • Artist: Theocracy
  • Music Genre: Progressive Power Metal

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