Ultimatum - The Mechanics Of Perilous Times [CD]

2007 Retroactive Records

01. Temple Of The Spirit
02. Greed Regime, Inc.
03. Perilous Times
04. Shroud Of Science
05. Crash Course
06. Warlord's Sword
07. The Purging
08. Burn
09. MutaMitlu (Instrumental)
10. Violence and Bloodshed

Bonus Tracks:

11. Temple Of The Spirit (1999 Pre - Production Demo)
12. Heart Of Metal (2003 Rough Demo)
13. Greed Regime, Inc. (Live 2005)

Time: 64:00
Media: Jewel Case (8 panel insert and lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: USA

Ultimatum is a New Mexico - based metal outfit that cranks out straight up, old school thrash metal. Or, as it states on the album packaging, "Unrestrained, fist clenching, neck snapping, head banging Heavy Metal!" I can't think of a more fitting description, so we'll just leave it at that. This is an album full of double kick drums, thrashy guitar riffs, cool, screaming solos and raspy vocals. Vocalist Scott Waters sounds like a mixture of Exodus' Steve Souza and Bobby "Blitz" from Overkill with his gritty, reptilian tone and the occasional death growl. Guitarists Robert Gutierrez and Steve Turjillo both sport heavy, distorted rhythm tones and good feel on the solos. Their riffs are a mix of classic heavy metal and Bay Area Thrash with plenty of head banging and mosh parts. Drummer Sean Griego and bassist Tom Michaels are the quintessential metal rhythm section, driving the tempos and gluing the whole works together nicely. "Crash Course" starts off with a driving, strict - time double kick drum riff and cool melody into a good, thrashing verse. The cut - time groove on the instrumental break is a nice foundation for the slithery lead work found here. The syncopated bass and drum intro to "The Purging" is really tight, this leads into mid - tempo, crunchy metal verse riff. Waters reminds me a bit of David Wayne (Metal Church) here with his delivery and his raspy tone. The intense, syncopated riffing on the bridge is great! The music on the rest of the disc is similar in style and quality. Just a good metal band playing good metal. The lyrics are of a blatantly Christian viewpoint. If you're sick of trends, and long for good, solid thrash with big, head banging riffs, then go for Ultimatum.

- Shawn Pelata of Digital Metal

  • Artist: Ultimatum
  • Music Genre: Thrash Metal

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