Krig - Stop The Manipulation [CD] Original Version

Item Location: Wisconsin (USA)

ORIGINAL VERSION - Limited Copies Available!

2007 Independent

01. Folish Evildoes
02. Globo
03. Reality Show
04. Stop The Manipulation
05. Weapons Of Our Warfare (Deliverance Cover)

Bonus Tracks:
06. Bastard Boss (Live)
07. Rotten MTV (Live)
08. Global Warning (Live)

Time: 35:10
Media: Jewel Case (4 panel insert and English/Portuguese lyrics)
Package: BRAND NEW Item – shipped in a reusable poly bag
Origin: Brazil

*Officially Distributed by Metal Helm!

"This is reality show... There's no basic sanitation. It is polluted, its devastation is like the black death. Their minds are bought and labeled. The trash is visual and growing!"

Rip your face off, brutal and unrelenting death metal from Brazil! This oversized EP is the soul-quenching prelude to their upcoming full length, entitled "Target: Human; Mission: Destroy". "Stop the Manipulation" is a stiff slap on the chin and fistful of truthful metal that will ding you upside the head and encourage you to look out for the crap that the world and media want to dump in your mind. The songs are fast and furious, but also are tempered at times with some progressive touches of death metal just to give it another spin. Krig drops 4 new bombs on your ears while ushering in a cover of Deliverance's "Weapons Of Our Warfare" and inviting you to hear them live on 3 bonus tracks! Don't be manipulated... get this before it is out of print!

"I'm a marionette. I let the media control me. Tell me what I have to eat. Tell me what I have to wear.

Tell me I'm not manipulated. I am not myself. I don't know who I am. My eyes have been hypnotized.


Lyrics from "Reality Show" and "Stop the Manipulation"

- Metal Helm

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  • Artist: Krig
  • Music Genre: Death Metal

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